Our services help Nurses and Patients optimize healing beyond the bedside.

We offer reliable clinical support for medical devices, medical office answering service and remote patient monitoring. Our team of medical professionals are passionate about ensuring nurses and patients alike, have a continuum of care.

Patient Centered Services

Our clinicians are here for your patients and caregivers. When the medical product users have a question of general use and best practices techniques, we are a phone call away with answers and solutions. Better communication for those that need timely assistance!

When the Physician’s office is unavailable, we are. We provide clinical representation when the doctor is away. There's a Medical Professional to answer questions 24/7.

In order to maintain a continuum of care for your chronic disease patients, lets us provide your outbound calls for preventative care, blood pressure checks, hyperglycemic emergencies, weight checks and hypoxemia emergency. We will provide a comprehensive report in your inbox of each patient status.

Medical Answering Service

Our medical clinical experts are educated, licensed and degreed to answer all types of clinical support questions, remote patient monitoring and physician office messaging. Our clinicians work to fill the gap between direct patient and virtual medical advising.

Clinical Device Support

Whiles we specialize in wound care support service, we are clinician trained in health care. Thereby, trained in healthcare for patients and clinicians to support beyond the acute care setting bedside. Our knowledge of products and service centered for the end user.

Remote Patient Monitoring

We use secure virtual communication platforms that allow nurses to provide real time remote assistance to patients and healthcare providers. This might involve guiding them through the use of device troubleshooting, or advising a nurse of general operation from a clinical prospective and safety procedures.

Our Mission Statement

At Proficient Call, our mission is to provide unrivaled expertise in clinical support services. We are committed to improving the lives of patients and advancing healthcare outcomes through our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and compassionate care.


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Our Availability

We’re available around the clock to take calls related to your patients and questions regarding their medical device. We already have in place a shift system that ensures around-the-clock telephone coverage within different time zones. Due to the critical nature of most patients’ needs, it is crucial to have nurses available every hour of the day. If you have any questions that need addressing before you hire our team, please contact us or visit our FAQ page below.