Answering Your Questions

Before you hire us there may be some questions that you have that we can answer for you here. Check out our FAQ section below. Whatever isn't covered here, we'll be sure to answer them during our consultation with your company.


What time is your company available to take calls?

We are available around the clock with a 24 hour availability, even weekends and holidays.

What type of medical device do you take calls for?

We can be trained to take calls on any tested and approved medical device that is currently used in the home or outpatient facility. We are licensed healthcare professionals therefore we can support any products that are used and by nurses or technicians, with proper training.

What patient levels are monitored via your remote patient monitoring system?

We can monitor and report abnormalities to levels that can be tested from the patient's home.

How many calls do you usually cover a day?

Call volume varies from day to day. Call volume is directly related to the product usage.

How soon do you start once you're hired?

We start taking calls as soon as our systems are setup and your customer service number is directed to us.

Which physician offices is your team taking calls for currently?

It is completely confidential the offices that we are taking calls for, as a way to uphold patient privacy.

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We are the team you need to make sure questions are answered in a timely manner regarding patient medical devices. Our medical experts are available around the clock.